Leak stereo 20


Mooi klinkende vintage eindversterker van Leak, volledig gereviseerd. Alle originele onderdelen zitten erbij.

The Leak Stereo 20 is a legendary piece of audio equipment that holds a special place in the hearts of audiophiles. Let’s delve into its fascinating history and features:

  • Introduction and Impact:
  • The Leak Stereo 20 was introduced in April 1958 at the Audio Fair in London, just weeks after the first stereo LP hit the turntables.
  • It originally appeared in Champagne Gold (later changed to Gold Bronze), and later in 1964, a less exciting dark grey color.
  • The original price was 29 guineas, which was quite substantial considering the average monthly salary at the time was only a few pounds more.
  • Harold Leak’s company, H.J. Leak & Co. Ltd, revolutionized amplifier performance standards by reducing distortion from an average of 3-4% to an unprecedented 0.1%. All their products were labeled “Point One.”
  • The Leak Stereo 20, also known as the “Point One Stereo 20”, delivered 20 watts to both channels (10 + 10 watts) while maintaining that remarkable low distortion.
  • Its safety design protected it from overloading, featuring a cleverly placed resistor that would get extremely hot and disconnect itself if a coupling capacitor failed, safeguarding the transformers.


  • Technical Details:
  • The Stereo 20 used EL84 output valves and ECC83 preamp valves.
  • The GZ34 rectifier was employed in its design.
  • Its output stages were identical to the slightly earlier TL12 Plus (1957).
  • The much earlier original TL12 from 1949 had larger bottle valves and gained a reputation with sales to broadcasting corporations worldwide.


  • Enduring Legacy:
  • The Leak Stereo 20 is considered one of the ten best amplifiers of the 1950s.
  • Its soft bass, though sounding alien to modern ears, contributes to its unique character.
  • Collectors now seek out these vintage amps.


  • Personal Touch:
  • If you happen to own a Leak Stereo 20, cherish its warmth, detail, and musicality. It’s a piece of audio history that continues to resonate with enthusiasts.
  • And remember, it’s not just about the technical specs; it’s about the emotional connection to music that this amplifier provides.

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